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Doughtie's Barbecue

Our food is lovable!

Easy Brunswick Stew

featuring Doughtie's Classic Barbecue


1 lb shredded chicken

1 - 12 oz package Doughtie's Classic Barbecue

1 - 12 oz bag of frozen corn

1 - 12 oz bag of frozen butterbeans

3 - medium potatoes diced

1 - 28 oz can diced tomatoes (not drained)

2 - cups low-sodium chicken broth

1/4 cup of Worcestershire Sauce


1. Spray inside of a large slow cooker with cooking spray.

2. Add chicken and barbecue. (Use a spatula or two forks to break apart the barbecue.)

3. Add the frozen vegetables.

4. Add the tomatoes, chicken broth and Worcestershire Sauce.

5. Cook on low for 4 - 6 hours.

6. Before serving, stir everything together in the slow cooker to ensure all ingredients a evenly distributed.

Recipe Notes

This stew freezes well. Freeze smaller portions to serve at a later date.

Doughtie's Barbecue Brunswick Stew is delicious served with buttery crackers.